Sitting Meditation

In the video Mark guides us through a 15-minute Smiling On Life sitting meditation. As he goes through the meditation at one of his favorite retreat settings, Mark points out that when being in a space of loving awareness and anchoring it with a smile, the whole body becomes aligned with its one true desire; to be one in love. As Mark lovingly gazes on life using all his senses, he leaves behind all thoughts and chooses to be wholeheartedly aligned with the source of life. 

When you Smile On Life you become physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually anchored to your deepest desire in your smile. The smile initiates an internal response of loving awareness when incorporated into your daily life. By making ourselves available to our deepest desire we are rewarded with being an instrument of love to the world which is where our real happiness is to be found. There is no greater gift that we can give the world and ourselves than by making ourselves available to life in loving awareness.

You are a blessing!

Smile On Life

Living with Loving Awareness

The greatest illusion we live with is the illusion of separateness. The rampant display of divisiveness between human beings, communities and nations adds to this illusion making it more and more real, when in reality it is leading us farther from the truth. It becomes more difficult to see the connectedness of life because we have not taken the time to see life from the eyes of our heart. Throughout this pandemic we have been given the opportunity to see the fragility of life and the sacredness of life. It would entail us to pause and to loving gaze upon life in order to awaken to the beauty and wonder of life. This is the only way to shift from having our intentions being driven by fear and away from the toxic mindset of rightness and separateness. 

To honestly look upon history we see that the only lasting positive change in the world can only occur when people act from their highest self, their true self. It is from here that mutuality, tolerance, understanding, justice, compassion and non-violence will emerge. When we choose to see life through the eyes of loving awareness, we are able to bring forth life-giving and life-affirming attitudes, resulting in positive transformation.

When we empty our minds of our endless storylines of ideas and beliefs of who we think we are, we can get in touch with who we really are. Thomas Merton refers to that as one’s True Self. The Buddhist refer to that as ‘the face we had before we were born’. It is who we are before we have done anything right or wrong. As we grow, our minds create a charade of thoughts, leading to beliefs, that creates a self, an insecure self, that is separate from our true self. It is only when we shift our attention from our minds to our heart space that we begin to see and live from a place of deep inner security. It is here that we begin to celebrate the diversity and unity of life. 

I am blessed to witness the development of my two grandchildren that are 8 mon and 6 months old. It is amazing to watch these young people from a perspective of having a mind empty of judgements, prejudices and beliefs so as to see the beauty and wonder of the world. Watching them grow and see life in this way I can see what being ‘poor in spirit’ is, as Jesus spoke about in the first beatitude. When we pause, empty our minds, and look at life through the loving eyes of a child we see the diverse beauty of life, the interconnectedness of life, and our hearts can experience once again the wonder of life. It is only with the eyes of our heart, laced with loving awareness, can we smile and experience peace within our self, with others and the world. 

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